Measuring wear edges for blade drawings

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SAMPLE DRAWING       BLANK DRAWING     Holland Equipment Co. SLC, UT
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The example shows us that you need 1ea. center blade, and 2ea. end blades.
Adding all the measurements from bolt center to bolt center AND bolt center to each edge MUST add up to overall blade length or height.
Taking the center blade as an example; note that the measurements - 3 ½” + 5” + 5” + 5” + 5”+ 5” + 5” + 3 ½” - add up to the blade length (37”in this example).
The same holds true for the height of the blade: 3” + 3” = 6”.
We also know from the drawing that the center blade thickness is ¾” and the bolts are 2” long x 5/8” diameter. The bolt quantity (7) is also listed.
The end blades use ¾” x 2 ½” bolts. 4 each are used per end, totaling 8 bolts for the set.
Blades with no bevel are called “blunt”. At the bottom of the page you can choose which sort of bevel (if any) you want. The sample drawing shows the most popular bevel and bolt countersink. Please circle which bevel and countersink you want.

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Curved grader bladesAlong with bolt-on blades, we can set you up with weld-on blades. Click here for welding instructions.

We also offer heat-treated, curved grader blades
Our curved grader blades are "standard grader punch" (3",3" on 6" centers, 3" 3"). These blades are most often 5/8" or 3/4" thick, are often 6" tall. Common lengths are 6, 7, 8 feet using 5/8" or 3/4" bolts.

UHMW and Polyurethane snow blow blades Salt Lake Utah

Along with steel and rubber blades, we can help you with UHMW and Polyurethane blades for your plow.


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